Pop Music Finds a Powerful Voice in Gifted Nigerian Artist: Odili Joy Wins Hearts with New Track “Easy to Love”

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Kindling the warmth of empathy within audiences, Odili Joy’s entrancing new single is a timely message for the world

New York, NY — July 1st, 2022 –A Nigerian artist who is making the rounds with her gifted vocal prowess, Odili Joy is a fantastic new addition to the realm of Pop. The up-and-coming artist’s new release, “Easy to Love”, written and produced by Jack Black, highlights a memorable blend of rhythms and styles, sure to resonate amidst listeners of the genre.

An invigorating upcoming release, “Easy to Love” is slated to drop on July 1st, 2022, and marks Odili Joy’s first release with the Vital Vibe LLC label. Marked by buoyant, vivid, and powerful song writing, “Easy to Love” introduces listeners to a vibrant new vibe and character.

One of the main ways the new single stands out is because of the free-flowing style which the producer displays, not sticking to any predictable scheme. Following her heart and mind, Odili Joy radiates a positivity and uniqueness which is inherent in “Easy to Love”.

Apart from resounding and rich vocals and rhythmic composition, “Easy to Love” is also meaningful in its lyrical character. The song writing leads listeners into a realm where the world is upside down.

Ravaged by war, rumors, shootings, and mass murder and split on racial and political differences, strife, and discord, Odili Joy presents a world that is not very hard to imagine. However, her key message remains inspiring listeners of their humanness and rawness- a uniting force despite any range of differences.

Stressing how it is “Easy to Love”, the artist emphasizes that no matter how one looks and no matter who you are, it is always necessary that people stay friends, dance, and love each other.

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Odili Joy, born Odili Ifeanyi, hails from the Delta State in Nigeria. A fierce, empowered, and talented individual, Odili Joy continues to follow her goal of using God-given talents of singing to “touch life” and pave an exciting path in music.

Renowned as an artist with an incredible voice, Odili Joy has sung for many producers worldwide, and is currently looking forward to mesmerizing audiences with her track, “Easy to Love”.

Led by effortless grace and ingenuity, Odili hopes to dispense invaluable lessons through her art. For the budding star, the finest aspect of her new drop is the fact that people from different parts of the world came together to make it what it is. “Easy to Love” was written and produced by artist Jack Black and mixed by Indian music engineer, Jaitay. Meanwhile the artwork was created by Indonesian artist Raffi Marcelino.

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Odili Joy
Easy To Love
Jul 1, 2022 - Rebecca Cullen

Retro synths and equally nostalgic, fuzzy bass unite amidst a rhythmically regimental progression, as Odili Joy guides us through an uplifting and heartfelt premise, for Easy to Love.

Tipping its hat to the fact that love is a verb, Easy To Love shines light on the possibilities that lie within unity and compassion for all who exist in and share this world.

Celebrating one race as humans, the passions that bring us together – dance, fun, love – Easy To Love was written and produced by creative Jack Black, and has been masterfully brought to life by his unique sound-design and Odili Joy’s dedicated and emotive vocals.

Well-timed for a summer release that raises the roof and draws people together all at once, the timeless single pays tribute to a plethora of genres and eras, from its eighties bassline and melody to the crisp, clean presentation of the voice and those pop stylings in the writing. It provides a welcomed escape from the turmoil of recent years, and given the minimalist, spacious presentation, there’s also plenty of room for remix and reinterpretation, thanks to the memorable writing and Odili’s effortlessly alluring vocals.

Emerging complete with a radio-friendly shorter version alongside the extended five-minute mix, Easy To Love introduces the refreshing style of a producer and artist unlimited by genre and devoted to uniting audiences in both mood and understanding.

Grab the single Easy To Love from July 1st. Check out Odili Joy via the label Vital Vibe LLC.